Cremá de falles 2019: El final de la fiesta y la nit del Foc

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Lunes 18 de marzo

A las 14 horas: Mascletà en la plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia.

Desde las 15:30 horas: Segundo día de ofrenda por las calles de Valencia a la virgen de los Desamparados de todas las comisiones falleras de la ciudad.

A las 1:30 horas: Gran “Nit del Foc” de fuegos artificiales en el paseo de la Alameda.


Martes 19 de marzo

A las 14 horas: Mascletà en la plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia.

A las 19 horas: Cabalgata del Fuego por la calle de Colón, desde la calle de Ruzafa hasta la plaza de la Porta la Mar.

A las 22:00 horas: Cremà de las fallas infantiles.

22:30 h: Cremà de la falla infantil que haya obtenido el primer premio de la sección especial.

23:00 h: Cremà de la falla infantil de la plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia.

00:00 h: Cremà de todas las fallas de Valencia.

00:30 h: Cremà de la falla que haya obtenido el primer premio de la sección especial.

01:00 h: Cremà de la falla de la Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia.

¿Cuál es el mejor sitio para ver la ‘Nit del Foc’?


English Version

Another year comes the ‘ Nit del Foc ‘, the most anticipated pyrotechnic show of Fallas Valencia. If you are one of the people that comes to see it habitually, at some time it is sure that you have been hit by seeing it wrong because you have arrived late. Sound and image with distance delay, fireworks that are only seen in the crystals of the buildings, apparently perfect streets, but with trees that cover the vision… The list is long, but to fix it we bring you the definitive guide.

In General, the castle lasts about 20 minutes and more than 1,200 kilos of gunpowder are fired in the form of rockets and thunder in multiple forms. It Happens only once a year and as you will not want to lose, keep reading.


Situation Map

The Castle’s device extends from the Exhibition Bridge to the flower Bridge. As we have pointed out in red on the bottom map, within that security perimeter there can be no spectators. Passeig de Ciutadella, Alameda (between Exhibition and Bridge of the Sea) and the Sea Bridge itself are not viable options.

Remember that the castle, unlike the rest, is fired half an hour later. It Will Take Place at 01:30 hours in the morning of the 18th to the 19th of March.



Better bridges and streets to see it

Leaving the perimeter of security, there are several places known to be the best.

Bridge of the Real: a little farther from the shooting area than that of Aragon, but a little less crowded (usually). It Is The bridge that connects the Plaza Tetuan with the Gardens of Viveros. The key is to arrive soon and arrange a good site at the edges of the bridge.

Puente de Aragón: If you get a good place on this bridge, you will see the ‘ Nit del Foc ‘ from a great perspective and with the best sound. It is Usually more crowded because it is the main artery that connects with all that arrives from Ruzafa, Colón and Gran Via.

Then There are other alternatives like the ends of the bridge of Aragon with the triangle of Plaza de América and Plaza Zaragoza. Or the Kiosk area «La Pergola» in Alameda. This margin of the river tends to remain open to the perimeter of security of the Exhibition Bridge.

Calle de l’Arquitecte Mora and surroundings: a good combination between good vision and few agglomerations. In the parallel, Muñoz Seca, you can also see clearly except that you touch in front of a palm tree. It Would Be very bad luck.



To Avoid

The points closest to the old riverbed: This is the case of Avenida Jacinto Benavente, which is not a bad place, but if you catch bad place you will cover the trees. The same Thing can happen in the other part of the Mall. You Always have to keep a safe distance with the trees.

Street Justicia, Dr. Fleming and parallels: In these streets near the Sea Gate, if you do not get close to the security fence, you will most likely end up seeing the castle through the windows of the buildings.

Pl. Tetuan, Pintor López or Navarro reverter: These are areas that, although they are nearby, have buildings that cover the vision.

Do Not stray far from the shooting zone: The more you stay away, the castle will become a deferred spectacle. Image on one side and sound on the other. A shame, but if you don’t mind the Trinity bridge, the Regne or the Palau de la Música can be a good option.

Don’t be late: Remember that it starts at 01:30 hours, so ideally you will arrive with at least 30 minutes of margin.

Foto: Europla

Spanish Version

Otro año llega la ‘ Nit del Foc ‘, el espectáculo pirotécnico más esperado de todos las fallas. Si usted es una de las personas que viene a verlo habitualmente, en algún momento es seguro que ha sido golpeado por verlo mal porque ha llegado tarde. Sonido e imagen con retardo de distancia, fuegos artificiales que sólo se ven en los cristales de los edificios, aparentemente calles perfectas, pero con árboles que cubren la visión… La lista es larga, pero para solucionarlo te traemos la guía definitiva.

En general, el castillo dura unos 20 minutos y más de 1.200 kilos de pólvora se disparan en forma de cohetes y truenos en múltiples formas. Sucede sólo una vez al año y como no querrás perder, sigue leyendo.

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